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Merlins for Sale

The Merlin (Falco columbarius) is a smallish falcon that breeds in northern North America, Europe and Asia. In North America it was once and sometimes still is colloquially called "pigeon hawk" though being a falcon it is not very closely related to true hawks.

This bird of prey is 24-33 cm (9.5-13 in) long with a 53-69 cm (21-27 in) wingspan. Males average at about 165 g (5.8 oz) and females are typically about 230 g (8 oz). Compared to other small falcons, they are more robust and heavily built. The male Merlin has a blue grey back and orange tinted underparts. The female and immature are dark brown above and whitish spotted with brown below. American subspecies range from pale (Great Plains) to nearly black (Pacific Northwest). Besides a weak eye stripe in adults, the faces are less strongly patterned than most falcons. Light males may resemble the American Kestrel, but the grey, not brown back and tail of the Merlin are characteristic.

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Niki an educational MerlinNiki an educational Merlin

Niki an educational MerlinNiki an educational Merlin