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Name:   Karl Gene Kerster
Phone:   19168320454
E-mail:   karl@kerster.com
Location:   Sacramento, California
Rescue and placement of raptors.
Limited breeding of Harris's's's Hawks and Pure Anatums.
Name:   Gino Morrialle
Phone:   7609560466
E-mail:   gmorrialle@gmail.com
Location:   Lake Arrowhead
I'm a breeder of Harris Hawks I have five unrelated pairs from different bloodlines my babies are 100% chamber raised and very healthy I usually have babies year round shipping available
Name:   Vahe D'Ala
Phone:   818-517-8669
E-mail:   Vahe@FalconForce.com
Location:   WY, USA
Breeding Red Napped Shaheens, Gyr/RNS hybrids, Peregrines (Northern Anatums, Macropus, Peales), Gyr/Peregrines and Gyrs.

Semen available on limited basis, Black and Dark Grey Gyr, Red Napped Shaheen, Anatum Peregrine.

Name:   Belgian Export birds
Phone:   +32479838328
E-mail:   belgianexportbirds@outlook.com
Location:   Belgium
We are an export company active in the worldwide export of birds of prey, mainly specialized in owls. Let us know how we can help you!

You can also find us on instagram: belgianexportbirdsofprey
Name:   Jason Caldwell
Phone:   5407421591
E-mail:   jjcaldwell75@gmail.com
Location:   Berkeley Springs, WV
Barn Owls
Screech Owls
Harris's Hawks
Aplomado Falcons

Name:   Bob Baumann
Phone:   (818) 991-4454
E-mail:   Bobbaumann33@yahoo.com
Location:   Southern Cal.
Top Pedigree Harris Hawks From the Best Quality Birds. Have been Breeding HH for 30 years
Name:   Aaron Jones
Phone:   (909) 289-5951
E-mail:   duckhawker@email.com
Location:   California
Finnish, North American, Siberian
Name:   Great Plains Peregrines & English Setter
Phone:   509-429-3371
E-mail:   gppes@nemont.net
Location:   Glasgow, Montana
RARE 4 way cross peregrines - peales, anatums, figian, macropis - OUTSTANDING GAME HAWKS - true parent raised young, a pleasure to handle & hunt
Name:   Thomas Ricardi
Phone:   413-3694072
Location:   Conway Ma.
Breeding Euro. Eagle Owls
Name:   Jon
E-mail:   jclarkson8719@gmail.com
Gyrfalcons—White, Silver, Grey, Dark and possibly Black
Peregrine Falcons—Peale’s and Anatum subspecies
Gyr x Peregrine Hybrid Falcons—Gyr x Peale’s and Gyr x Anatum
Saker Falcons
Harris’ Hawks
Goshawks—Both American and Finnish Goshawks.
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