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Harris Hawks BREEDING PAIR and Hunting

REFERENCE ONLY: Raptor listed have been sold or removed.
Harris Hawks BREEDING PAIR and Hunting
Name:   Ken
Date:   10/16/2015
REFERENCE ONLY: Raptor listed have been sold or removed
Location:   Collingwood, Ontario,

Bonded pair of Harris Hawks. These two hawks produce fetile eggs each year. The female's hatch date is 2008 and the male is 2006. Both hawks are in excellent health and well cared for. They are on a steady diet of quality quail and get vitahawk in breeding season. Occasionally they also get rabbit or squirrel. But 99% of the diet is whole quail. Both hawks are trained hunters and will hunt in a cast for rabbits. This pair would make for great hunting companions and/or a fresh bloodline of breeders. Each hawk comes from a unique blood line. Female chamber weight is 1225 grams and the male is 890 grams. Both are large hawks with big feet. The female has one white toenail, but it doesn't affect her performance. The toe itself is fine. Our asking price is $3400 for the pair. We will ship, but the price must be paid in full, plus there will be shipping costs. We would negotiate on the price if you come to Collingwood for pickup. We would consider a partial trade for another breed of hawk with cash, depending on what you have. Please call or email for more information.

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