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4yr old Flighted/Socialized Saker for sale

REFERENCE ONLY: Raptor listed have been sold or removed.
4yr old Flighted/Socialized Saker for sale
Name:   Joanne
Date:   7/25/2015
REFERENCE ONLY: Raptor listed have been sold or removed
Location:   Vancouver Island, Canada,

''Jarih'' is a 4yr old Saker Falcon. She originates from the breeding-program of Master-falconer Dan Paradis of the Quebec Falconry Centre, (Quebec, Canada).

As we're primarily involved with educational-outreach and the film/television industry, ''Jarih'' has received considerable socialization; she's been introduced to large crowds, children in classroom-settings, closed sets, (where she’s worked with a child-actor), and private falconry sessions, (offered by-appointment to members of the public). She has also participated in public presentations at locations like Science World and Camp Squeah. With this considerable experience under her belt, ‘Jarih’ will be a fantastic animal ambassador/educator.

''Jarih'' is very keen to the lure and will be quite exciting to watch as part of a flying- display team owing to her eagerness to impress; she is ''good-to-the-hood'', has good manners on the glove, and travels exceedingly well, (ie; she doesn't get ''car-sick'').

In the right hands, tipping her over into a great hunting-companion or bird-abatement falcon wouldn't take long at all.

''Jarih'' is also an ideal candidate for introducing to an established breeding program owing to the fact she is now old enough to be a mother. She is a lovely example of her species, and would doubtless produce gorgeous purebred or hybrid offspring.

As we're making changes to ''Team Feathers'', we're willing to sell her for $1700 Canadian. Shipping and additional permit-fees to be paid by purchaser.

We can provide some of her own feathers (from past moults) for the purposes of ''imping'' on request, and we have up-to-date health certifications from her veterinarian from the last three years.


Make certain your state/country will allow you to import this Saker. Though she is captive-bred, some importers have had difficulty acquiring the necessary permits to purchase her, thus she is still for sale.

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