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REFERENCE ONLY: Raptor listed have been sold or removed.
Name:   Stephen Buffat
Date:   12/8/2008
REFERENCE ONLY: Raptor listed have been sold or removed
Location:   ,

Hey every one. This is a proven game hawk. He is a 2005. He flyies at 750-770 grams. He is very dark. Last year he caught several ducks. This year he has totaly refused them. I'm not sure if he was beat up by one or what the deal was. But you put anthing upland up under him and you can consider it dead. He has hit gouse for me. He has been kite trained and will take a typical pitch of 800'-1000' consistantly. I have flown him in the Utah sky trials where he did pretty good for his first time in front of people. He hoods great and is feather perfect. I am needing to make room for a large addition to my permit. I am asking $1500+shipping OBO.

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