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Female Saker Falcon

REFERENCE ONLY: Raptor listed have been sold or removed.
Female Saker Falcon
Name:   Nicholas Jacinto
Date:   1/20/2015
REFERENCE ONLY: Raptor listed have been sold or removed
Location:   Long Island,

I have a 9 month-old Female Saker Falcon available. She is an imprint and very tame. Has been used extensively in educational programs. She is trained to load into and out of a carrier; completely glove/jess trained. Exotic Species so no Federal permits required (Similar to Eagle Owls). I actually prefer using this species to an Eagle Owl as they are almost as large, require a smaler transport box, and are much smarter/reliable (she never bates and reliably steps up to a gloved hand). Great addition to a zoo, nature center, falconry show, or educational program if you already have an Eagle owl and are looking for another raptor that does not require USFW permits. Very big and impressive bird (about two feet tall). The Saker falcon is the second largest falcon on Earth after a Gyrfalcon! She is also trained to show her 3' wingspan on command. Only selling because I need enclosure space for new animals coming in next month. My sacrifice is your gain. Asking $2000+Shipping. Will accept any major credit card and ship directly your nearest airport.

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