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Non native falcon hybrids for sale

REFERENCE ONLY: Raptor listed have been sold or removed.
Non native falcon hybrids for sale
Name:   David Kanellis
Date:   9/19/2013
REFERENCE ONLY: Raptor listed have been sold or removed
Location:   Las Vegas,

2012 Barbary-x-Saker Falcon Hybrids both birds bred at my facility.
One female and one male these are non MBTA raptors and no federal permitting required just your state permitting if any, these Falcons can be used for education, abatement, movie, display, or falconry. Both birds have average to good manners and neither screams and are use to weathering on block perches with other raptors close by.

Diego the male is a seasoned trained lure stooping falcon and has performed over crowds in the hundreds per show last November to end of February 2013. He can handle smaller areas to perform and is trained to stoop the handler working from a platform above a seated audience (or a walking around crowd as people seldom pay attention to pre show instructions to remain seated :)

Danica the female is a trained fist to fist, perch to perch falcon and started at lure stooping. She has done commercial blue screen filming, and education programs as well.

Both falcons have never been given the chance to kill live birds or chase wild game and stay focused to their routine, reason is trained hunting falcon will leave to chase if the opportunity arises. If you’re good with falconry skills, both birds hood fine, if not well no guarantees. If your proficient at Lure stooping the male will challenge your skills and he stays close and is extremely fast. The female is much slower needs more room and a beginner at lure stooping.
Asking $2800 each will sell as pair or separately. These are trained falcons that have already done commercial work. I’m no longer doing education programs at this time and would like to see these birds I hatched, raised and trained go to a good homes.
Contact: Dave @ 702 580-1386
Will send more pictures for serious inquiries

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