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REFERENCE ONLY: Raptor listed have been sold or removed.
Name:   David Kanellis
Date:   9/14/2011
REFERENCE ONLY: Raptor listed have been sold or removed
Location:   Las Vegas,

2011 female Barbary x Saker (NON M.B.T.A Raptor no federal permits required) Bred, trained and used by me this past summer for bird abatement over blue berry fields. She flies wide but will return to stoop the lure at first opportunity and will also return to the fist perfectly from just about any distance or height. Her flying weight was 660 grams but even in 95 degree weather she still responded well at just over 700 grams (this hybrid cross is very heat tolerant). She is feather perfect, tail mounted, non screamer and has desirable manners, hoods, does not carry, use to large farm equipment and cars, does not mantel and sits perfect when hooded. She is basically a perfect trained abatement falcon hand picked, trained, and flown by me and ready for falconry training or to continue on as a working falcon. I currently have several trained falcons for show work and would like to keep her on the team as well but she flies too big for my education contracts and is more suited for blue berry, airport or grape work. If you’re a abatement professional you know the value of a reliable well mannered working falcon on your team! She is an exotic, trained and already has airtime working an abatement contract this summer Asking price is $2500 firm. If interested contact Dave Kanellis @ 702 5680-1386

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