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REFERENCE ONLY: Raptor listed have been sold or removed.
Name:   K J Morgan
Date:   12/30/2009
REFERENCE ONLY: Raptor listed have been sold or removed
Location:   midlands uk,

Breedind pair of Harris's
I moving away from harris hawks and have decided to sell my breeding pair.

Both 2001 birds.
The male was hunted into his second season and has taken fur but has not been hunted since due to a minor injury (totaly recovered) and time restraints and has been in the breeding chamber since.

The female has been hunted every season except this one and has taken countless rabbits, a good amount of pheasant, a few hare and a good number of ''assorted'' prey.

She is ferret safe but a little care has to taken at the start of each season just to get her back in the swing before total trust can be given.
She doesnt work with dogs.
I have always insisted that she is responsive to the glove and at the right weight she is, loves the feather lure.
Trades off perfectly and is great to handle at hunting weight.
She has a persistent and determined attitude in pursuit of prey when fit and at her right weight and follows on well.
The females hunting weight starts each season around 2.2 to 2.2 and a half and rises to 2.3ish as she gets fitter, the males hunting weight was 1.7.
Both these birds are totaly silent at hunting weight the only sound you get out of them is the aggresion call when in the breeding chamber when people approach.
These two have been breeding together for the past 5 years or so and have had two nests a year averaging 3 young per nest.
I want them, idealy to go to a home that will at least hunt with the female because she is to good a bird to waste just to be kept breeding.
My asking price is the bargain price of £500 to the right person... no offers, i believe this a givaway price for good hunting bird and a pair that should get your £500 back three times over in the first breeding season... and thats if all the young are males.

if anymore info required please pm me.

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