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Peregrine Breeding Pairs for sale

Peregrine Breeding Pairs for sale
Name:   Dilan Praat
Date:   10/20/2017
Email:   Email this seller
Location:   Fraser Valley, BC,

Pair 1 (Anatum/Anatum) ($4000 with the lone female)

Female- 2002

Male- 2012

Pair 2 (Anatum/Peale's) ($7000)

Female- 2009

Male- 2009

Lone Female - 2003

Or $9500 for all 5

The reason I am parting with the birds is 2 fold. First, a recent increase in loud farming practices in my area ( and close to my bird pens) has meant that they have not successfully bred in the 2 years i have had these birds (which is true for my pair of Gyr/Sakers, whom up until the last few years had been breeding with success). Second, i am now in my forth year of university and university costs are mounting, which also drains the time and attention I can spend on the breeding itself, so i feel it is best for me and the birds to downsize. If you have any questions, please email me.

Note: I am NOT CITES registered, so sales are restricted to canada

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