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Available Birds

Available Birds
Name:   Lelia Ketola
Date:   8/16/2017
Email:   Email this seller
Location:   ,

1 Bald Eagle female mature rehabilitated, breeding age looking for a mate.

1 Spectacled Owl female 2007 sex verified

1 Saker Falcon female 2011

1 Lanner Falcon male 2011

1 Harris Hawk male 2013 trained for presentations and imprinted

1 Peregrine Falcon imprinted male mature 2000 bird trained for presentations

Breeding Pair Red Tailed Hawks, one is mature the other is a 2014 bird

2 Swainson's Hawks both males both mature

Sub-Arctic Great Horned Owl 2016

Sub-Arctic Great Horned Owl 2013 Trained for Presentations

1 trained female Swainson's Hawk mature

Saker Falcon Female 2013 imprint trained

Saker Falcon Female 2012 imprint trained

Breeding Pair Ferruginous Hawks mature

1 Imprinted Trained Ferruginous Hawk mature

1 Tawny Owl (sex unknown) 2012

1 American Kestrel 2013 female trained for presentations

Approximately 30 Fruit Bats (Rousettas Egypticus)

Approximately 10 Fruit Bats (Artibius Jamacinensis)

Also available are mature Eurasian Eagle Owls some imprinted, Great Horned Owls and Ferruginous Hawks.

Numerous Snowys Owls, breeders and offspring of various ages.

Can ship to USA or overseas. Canadian preferred. Please send email and telephone number and we will get back to you. Serious Inquiries only. Proper Falconry Licencing required in Canada with MNR and in USA with USFW for Native Raptors.

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