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2015 Tiercel Peregrine

REFERENCE ONLY: Raptor listed have been sold or removed.
2015 Tiercel Peregrine
Name:   joseph
Date:   5/18/2016
REFERENCE ONLY: Raptor listed have been sold or removed
Location:   oroville,

Maverick is a Fijian/Macropus/Anatum peregrine falcon, 2015 hatched, parent chamber raised. He flies at 500-520g. He is energetic, gamey, and loyal.

He flies in all weather condition, the more wind, the better. Rain or shine, he will fly, and he will remount multiple times. His favorite quarries, in order, are mourning doves, pigeons, small ducks. While hunting, he has never left the site, though he could be 1200ft or

higher in sky. He waits on high and usually dead-over, and he prefers to be up-wind in windy condition, which serve him a big advantage in a

tail wind stoop, super fast stoop. I never had to track him down, I’ve only used my telemetry to locate his position in the sky. He is also

loyal to my dummy dove lure and he will stoop it many many times, and flies many sessions per day, which makes him an exceptional working bird

as well as a falconry bird. I have done some bird-abatement with him: as small as he is, seagulls are just as afraid of him. He has a charming and lively personality, doesn’t squawk, doesn’t carry, and hoods great. He is everything you would want in a small tiercel peregrine, but I’m up-sizing to a bigger falcon to hunt mallards and other bigger ducks which I have plenty where I hunt.

I’m asking $1500 OBO for Maverick, this includes a nice quality perfect fitting hood and a dummy dove lure that he is wedded to. I may consider a trade for a bigger peregrine falcon or peregrine hybrid that has taken mallards. Serious buyers only, if interested please contact, prefer texting

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