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American raptors for sale
Canada raptors for sale
UK raptors for sale
Eurasian Eagle Owlet
Name:   Tanya
Posted:   5/1/2017
Website:   www.hawkcreek.org
Phone:   716-652-8646
E-mail:   Email this seller
State:   New York

We have one Eurasian Eagle Owlet for sale. Hatched on April 19, being hand reared.
Both parents are stunning birds used for education programs when not breeding. While this species does not require MBTA permits, we will only send to someone with large raptor experience.
$3,800 + shipping
photo is of exact chick for sale, taken 4/30/17
Name:   Aaron
Posted:   4/26/2017
Location:   Apple Valley
Phone:   (909) 289-5951
E-mail:   Email this seller
State:   California

I have one egg still unspoken for. Most likely It will be a male however only the hatch and DNA will tell for sure. Depending on orders and ratio of males to females. The Baby left will be a cross North American/Finnish or a Pure Finnish. Call if you want on the list.
Buteo buteo, Buteo rufofuscus, etc.
Name:   William Two-Raven
Posted:   4/24/2017
Location:   Ohnononuh Sokoovi
Website:   siainc@tds.net
E-mail:   Email this seller
State:   Oklahoma

European Buzzards, Augur Buzzards, etc. now hatching. Email inquiries only. Deposits required to secure one of the 2017 hatchlings.
2017 Birds Available
Name:   Audrey Poplin
Posted:   4/20/2017
E-mail:   Email this seller
State:   South Carolina

Taking orders for the following 2017 species for spring/summer:
Eurasian Kestrel (MBTA)
American Kestrel (MBTA)
Harris Hawk (MBTA)
Lesser Yellow Headed Vulture

Email audrey.poplin@avianconservationcenter.org for more information
Eagle owl
Name:   Mark
Posted:   4/9/2017
Location:   Ca
E-mail:   Email this seller
State:   California

I have a 2016 imprint female eagle owl. Looking to trade for adult female eagle owl. 3 years old or older. Mine is gloved trained. Used in Ed shows. Have not flown her. She is a good bird.

Eurasian Eagle Owls 2017
Name:   Audrey Poplin
Posted:   3/14/2017
Location:   Awendaw
Website:   www.thecenterforbirdsofprey.org
Phone:   8439717474
E-mail:   Email this seller
State:   South Carolina

2017 Eurasian Eagle Owls being hand reared. Desirable genetics according to the studbook. Siblings are excellent educational birds in a variety of contexts. Image is of sibling. Email audrey.poplin@avianconservationcenter.org for more information.
2017 Barn Owls
Name:   Audrey Poplin
Posted:   1/11/2017
Location:   Charleston
E-mail:   Email this seller
State:   South Carolina

Taking orders for 2017 Barn Owls. Expected Hatch Date 2/10/17. Unless otherwise specified, birds will be creche reared from 10 days. These birds make excellent educational birds. References available. $500 plus shipping. PERMIT REQUIRED. DO NOT CALL. Email audrey.poplin@avianconservationcenter.org if interested.