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American raptors for sale
Canada raptors for sale
UK raptors for sale
Whinchester for Sale!!
Name:   Daleesa Cole
Posted:   9/1/2018
Location:   Boise
Phone:   208 320 3476
E-mail:   Email this seller
State:   Idaho

Winchester is up for sale...
1 and 1/2 year old male Gyr falcin/Prairie falcon hybrid.
He needs some work but is a great bird! He is going into his second season. He's taken a few bags and has tagged wild game. Looking for someone experienced who can give him the time and training he needs to reach his full potential.
Whinchester flies up to 645 grams (flying weight) and as low as 600 g (hunting weight). Pease feel free to contact myself at 208 320 3476 or Gerald Moon at 208 409 1503. You can also email us for additional info at ohadi27@hotmail.com or gm2travelak@cableone.net. Thanks!!
eagle owls
Name:   thomas ricardi
Posted:   8/31/2018
Location:   conway
Phone:   1-413-369-4072
State:   Massachusetts

taking orders for 2019 eagle owl chicks limited number produced,
Eurasian Eagle Owlets
Name:   Tom Stala
Posted:   8/19/2018
Location:   Syracuse
Phone:   315-297-0823
E-mail:   Email this seller
State:   New York

Taking orders for 2019 hatch of hand raised Eurasian eagle owlets. No federal permit needed to keep one of these birds. Will ship anywhere in the United States. Great for educational purposes as well. Contact me for more information.
Harris Hawks for sale
Name:   Gino morrialle
Posted:   8/15/2018
Location:   San Bernardino
Phone:   1 760 956 0466
E-mail:   Email this seller
State:   California

I have tiercel Harris Hawks available 2018 Birds totally chamber raised and ready to go
F1 Harris Hawks
Name:   Salvaducci sanPaolo
Posted:   6/29/2018
Location:   Oroville
Phone:   530-518-4634
E-mail:   Email this seller
State:   California

F1 harris hawks.
Chambered raised for 16 week. Live quail fed. Parents passage hawks from Arizona and Texas.I have both sex available.They will be ready the first week in August.Lots of babies to choose from.Call 530-518-4634

1 year old Eurasian Eagle Owl
Name:   animalactorsaolcom
Posted:   6/8/2018
Location:   Atlanta
Phone:   310-990-3538
E-mail:   Email this seller
State:   Georgia

Athena is located in Newnan, GA, about 40minutes from the Atlanta airport. Please call for more info.

Price: $3,500
Name:   Aaron
Posted:   6/6/2018
Location:   Apple Valley
Phone:   (909) 289-5951
E-mail:   Email this seller
State:   California

North American and north American/Finish goshawks
Taking deposits - Eurasian Eagle Owls
Name:   Tanya
Posted:   5/9/2018
Phone:   716-652-8646
E-mail:   Email this seller
State:   New York

Eurasian Eagle Owls are on their 2nd clutch of eggs now. Taking deposits on owlets.
Great education birds, no federal permit required. We do require previous raptor experience to acquire an owlet.
$3,800 + crate & shipping cost
*Photo is of current owlets from first clutch
1 year old female Eagle Owl for sale
Name:   Cash Morgan
Posted:   4/16/2018
Location:   Atlanta
Website:   Topdogk9camp.com
Phone:   770 716 6500
E-mail:   Email this seller
State:   Georgia

Eagle Owl “Athena” is a beautiful one year old imprint. She weighs 2700 grams or slightly over 6lbs asking 5,000 for her.professional and serious inquires only.
Eurasian Eagle Owlets
Name:   Hawk Creek
Posted:   4/3/2018
Location:   East Aurora
E-mail:   Email this seller
State:   New York

Taking deposits on Eurasian Eagle Owlets, hatching now! Limited chicks available. $3,800 + crate and shipping or pick up.
No permit needed but raptor experience is required.
*photo is owlet from 2017
*Please e-mail for availability