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Name:   Joe lewis
Posted:   10/1/2008
Phone:   314 606 1301
E-mail:   tempers2hot@yahoo.com
Location:   Pacific MO

I Have high quality light weight aluminum giant hoods. I made a cylinder giant hood and rectandluar one they have cooing fans that plug into the cigeret lighter. and the rectangle ones have telemtry drawers. i make double boxes and falcon cubbies that are open in the front that have a self perch and a coolingfan and telemtry drawer i can make one that will fit three falcons or down to one what ever you want i make.

Email me for any questions and pictures tempers2hot@yahoo.com
Name:   Kevin
Posted:   9/30/2008
Phone:   Hoffmann
E-mail:   ferruge2000@yahoo.com
Location:   Shelton, WA.

Tailmount-Night Light

Great for Locating that Lost Raptor at Night !

Pulsating Red & Blue Lights can be seen from Great Distantces. Just clip into your Telemetry Tail Mount and your good to go! 4 Days or 96 Hrs. of Continuous Coverage on a New Set of Batteries. Uses 3 - #392/SR41w Watch Batteries, that most Transmitters use.
This Unit also comes with 3 Extra Batteries. $46.99 Ea.
360-426-2371 or 253-653-3335
Name:   Kevin
Posted:   9/30/2008
Phone:   Hoffmann
E-mail:   ferruge2000@yahoo.com
Location:   Shelton, WA.

Digital Weigh Scale

6.6 lb. or 13.2 lb. Scales

Perfect for weighing your bird at home, in the field, or on the road.

Measuring units: Pounds, Ounces, Kilograms and Grams. Dimensions: 7.25"x 6.25"x 1.5"
Resolution- of (.1 ounce) and (1 gram increments) for accurate measurements.

Hold feature-displays the weight of an item after removal from scale.

Tare feature-subtracts the container's weight to obtain the weight of its contents.
Automatic shut off feature-ensures long battery life.

Compact and portable- for easy storage and transport .

High quality construction-sleek and ergonomic design.

Available-in blue with ribbed platform and silver gray.

One heavy duty 9V battery is included.

Includes- easy-to-use operations manual.

6.6 Lbs. $40 .00
13.2 Lbs. $50.00

Does not include shipping costs.
You just let me know how you want it shipped.

Contact: Kevin
360-426-2371 or 253-653-3335
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